3. February 2018

My current exhibition 24H OUR CITY – The People of the Croft which was created in collaboration with installation artist Sarah Middleton features portraits of the people of Stokes Croft, photographed over a twenty-four hour period in a living room especially built by Sarah and placed on the pavement in Stokes Croft from 8am on 5. December to 8am  the following morning 6. December 2017.

Door are open daily from 10am to 9.30pm at Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol.


20. December 2017

One of my photographs of Liz Crow’s anti austerity performance FIGURES:

has been used for the cover of Robert McRuer’s new book CRIP TIMES.



I am very pleased that Liz’s great work is part of this important analysis and discussion about austerity and its wide ranging effects on all of our lives today.

18. December 2017

Me and my co-creator Sarah Middleton will be on BBC Radio Bristol tomorrow at 5.30pm talking to Laura Rawlings  about the 24H OUR CITY photography project – our 24 hour guerrilla portrait photography installation which we realised on Stokes Croft on 5. December 2017 .


18. October 2017

I am delighted to announce that two of my photographs have been invited for this years Nude Night in Miami, Florida USA.
The show runs from 9.-11. November at the C&L Warehouse 2400 NW 5th Ave. Miami, FL 33127.

3. October 2017

I am absolutely delighted to have been selected by the editors of the distinguished Lifeframer to be featured with this image from my current “Colours” series as part of their Editors Pick for their Open Call 2017.


Judges for their ongoing photography competitions include


Steve McCurry


Katerina Stathopoulou

Curator at Museum of Modern Art

Alison Morley

Chair  of Documentary Program , International Center of Photography, in New York


Lifeframer have also invited me to contribute to their permanent online collection of photography and I will create a gallery on their website in the week ahead.


I am absolutely thrilled


8. June 2017

I have been invited by La Galleria Pall Mall, London to submit a selection of photographs for their open summer exhibition 2017.

6. June 2017

I am absolutely delighted that my work is now represented by

Limited edition prints in four sizes of six images from my “In Green” series are now available via their website.














29. May 2017

I am delighted to have been invited by the curators of LensCulture to create a portfolio page on their website.


21. May 2017

Limited edition prints from a number of recent series are now available to purchase from the Prints and Store pages.


9. August 2016

Efa in Green No. 1 from my recent series Efa in Green has won an Honourable Mention at the competition awards ceremony at Art Through The Lens at The Yeiser Arts Centre  in Paducah, Kentucky, USA.



7. August 2016

Efa in Green now framed and hung at The Yeiser Arts Centre in Paducah, Kentucky for “Art Through the Lens 2016” until 24. September 2016.


Efa in Green @The Yeiser by Claudio Ahlers-1


Efa in Green @The Yeiser by Claudio Ahlers-2

You can find video impressions from the opening night here.


23. July 2016

Efa in Green has now been printed as a c-type by Spectrum Photo and is currently being shipped to the USA. It will arrive at The Right Angle in Paducah Kentucky on Monday, where it will be framed and then delivered to The Yeiser Arts Centre to be shown at their Art Through The Lens exhibition from 6. August.





7. July 2016

This photograph from my Efa in Green series has been selected in this year’s Art Through The Lens competition at The Yeiser Arts Centre in Paducah, Kentucky in the United States.


The exhibition will run from 6. August until 24. September 2016


30. June 2016

Volume V of THE OPÉRA is now widely available and you can find a flick-through online here.

And here are a few images from the magazine launch on 23. June in Stuttgart.


Opera Vernissage 1 Opera Vernissage 2

Opera Vernissage 4











23.June 2016

Classical and Contemporary Fine Art Nude Photography annual THE OPÉRA has been launched last week in Stuttgart, Germany.

The Opéra - Launch Event 18.6.16 page 2_Page_1 The Opéra - Launch Event 18.6.16 page 2_Page_2

Six images from my recent series Im Dunkeln are in this year’s edition.

The magazine is widely available in art book stores, museums and photography galleries across the world. The current issue is also available online here.


13.June 2016

Three images from the private view for the launch at the exhibition at Achtzig Galerie in Berlin on 10.6.2016.

Private View at Achtzig Gallery Berlin 2

Private View at Achtzig Gallery Berlin 5

Private View at Achtzig Gallery Berlin 4


31. May 2016

Out of The River of Time

Out of the River of Time_Claudio Ahlers_poster two


I will be artist in residence at SPACE Bristol every day from 14.-18. June 2016 from 12-6pm.


18. May 2016

Selected images from my series BODIES & SOULS will be shown at the ACHTZIG GALERIE in Berlin from 10. June – 14. Juli this year.

For more information please visit:


26. April 2016

A selection of images from my series Bodies & Souls currently on show at Hardy House Gallery, Box will be published by international fine art photography annual THE OPÉRA in June this year.


22. April 2016

My current exhibition Body Language  together with artists Zsolt Dudas and Nina Roberts at Hardy House Gallery, Box Wiltshire has been extended until 14. May 2016.


12. April 2016

Impressions form current BODY LANGUAGE exhibition with Zsolt Dudas and Nina Roberts at Hardy House Gallery.


Body Language Exhibition at Hardy House Gallery from Claudio Ahlers on Vimeo.


2. April 2016 

Yesterday’s private view for Body Language at Hardy House Gallery was a great success.


Body Language Private View-12

Please read more here.



25. March 2016

The private view for Body Language my exhibition with Nina Roberts and Zsolt Dudas is now on 1. April 2016 from 6-9pm at Hardy House Gallery, High Street, Box.




29. February 2016

My work is now being represented by Jenny Pollitt‘s Lane House Arts Gallery in Bath.

I am delighted that Lane House Arts will show my Bodies & Souls series together with Nina Roberts‘ and Zsolt Dudas‘ work in collaboration with Hardy House Gallery in April this year.



27. February 2016

Today I was invited to take photos in the press pit at the London Fashion Weekend 2016 at the Saatchi Gallery, London.


Impressions of London Fashion Weekend 2016 by Claudio Ahlers No. 7


Please go here for some images from today’s shoot.



5. February 2016

SHADOW LOVERS is being shown at  PAPER ARTS GALLERY as part of their latest group exhibition SHOW SOME LOVE in Broadmead, Bristol from 4. – 17. February 2016.

Shadow Lovers by Claudio Ahlers





My photograph of Victoria Bourne and Chris Harper of The Husky Tones is now on show at The Stronghold Gallery in Tokyo as part of this year’s Portrait Salon exhibition.


Portrait by Claudio Ahlers at Stronghold Gallery Tokyo


8. December 2015

THE WHITE WOMAN  at the opening night at Paper Arts Gallery, Bristol.


The White Woman by Claudio Ahlers @PAper Arts Gallery



2. December 2015

THE WHITE WOMAN will be shown  at  PAPER ARTS GALLERY as part of their Christmas group exhibition 100 UNDER ONE HUNDRED in Broadmead, Bristol from 8. December 2015 until 5. January 2016.

The opening night is on Tuesday 8. December from 6-8pm.

The White Woman No. 1 by Claudio Ahlers





24. November 2015



A short film about BODIES & SOULS.


21. November 2015

BODIES & SOULS is still at PAPER ARTS GALLERY in Broadmead, Bristol until 30. November 2015.

You can read an interview about the work on this series here.


Bodies and Souls by Claudio Ahlers



20. November 2015

Victoria Bourne, Chris Harper and I attended the private view for the Portrait Salon 2015  where we were delighted to see my photograph of Chris and Victoria on the wall amongst 352 other great photographs.

Chis Harper and Victoria Bourne at Portrait Salon 2015 Claudio Ahlers at Portrait Salon 2015


3. October 2015

My portrait of Victoria Bourne & Chris Harper has been accepted by this year’s Portrait Salon.

Chris Harper&Victoria Bourne by Claudio Ahlers Portrait Salon 2015

All of the images in the Salon including my portrait will be shown at The Tea Room Gallery in London from 19.- 22. November 2015.

In February 2016 the exhibition will also travel to Japan to the The Reminders Photography Stronghold Gallery in Tokyo as part of a project called ‘I / Land’ in association with Miniclick and photography curator and editor Yumi Goto.


29. September 2015

As part of a collaborative piece with my friend and poet extraordinaire Isadora Vibes entitled “cold shoulder”, one of my photographs is now for sale together with her beautiful poetry at this year’s Venice Biennale in the Venice Vending Machine.

Cold Shoulder


25. May 2015

For the second year running my work has been selected for the Grant Bradley Gallery’s summer exhibition New Visions V.

NEW VISIONS is the gallery’s annual open submissions show that aims to represent a broad cross section of artist’s work being produced in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

The exhibition  will run from 6. June – 1. August 2015.

The Plea by Claudio Ahlers

Solar Eclipse 2015 - Elbphilharmonie Hamburg No. 4 by Claudio Ahlers


19. October 2014

Next week I’ll be in residence at The EDWARDIAN CLOAKROOMS in Bristol with my photography project PORTRAITS OF PRIVATE PERCEPTIONS.

Portraits in the Name of Love No.1 by Claudio AhlersDuring the one week residency visitors will be invited to have their portrait taken next to two especially created, larger than life, erotic sculptures which I am placing in the Gents and Ladies sections of this listed former public conveniences building respectively.

Selected images from these sittings will then be printed and added to the exhibition at the venue.

Please follow this link to an article on the BBC Bristol website about my project.


26. May 2014

My portrait photography project “Portraits in the Name of Love” will now be shot on 8. June 2014 at Trinity Centre, Trinity Road, Bristol BS2 0NW between 10.00am and 5.00pm.

Men and women between the ages of 18 and 108  are invited to have their portrait taken next to two especially created, theatrically lit, larger than life erotic sculptures.

The resulting photographs will hopefully reflect intimate emotions, playful interactions, personal perceptions and most importantly the depth of attraction towards the opposite sex as well as feelings about one’s own gender.

If you would like to be part of this project please write to me using the Contact tab of this website for more information.


24. May 2014

My photograph “The Living Room – Frame No. 8” has now been selected to be shown at this year’s summer exhibition at The Grant Bradley Gallery in Bristol.

The Living Room - Frame No.8

Part of a larger project shot in 2013 this image will feature as part of a slideshow and stills photography installation at an upcoming exhibition entitled The Living Room.

NEW VISIONS is the gallery’s annual open submissions show that aims to represent a broad cross section of the current arts scene in Bristol and the surrounding area.

The exhibition  will run from 7. June – 2. August 2014.


2. May 2014

Unfortunately my image “13:07” was not amongst the final ten photographs that were selected to be shown at the ROYAL ACADEMY at this year’s summer exhibition.


17. March 2014

Office Block, Bristol-1

My photograph “13:07” has been selected for the final round of judging for this year’s Summer Exhibition at the ROYAL ACADEMY in London.

The final results will be announced on 2. May 2014.

I am delighted to have made the second round with a second entry to a Royal Academy open exhibition  in six months.



15. November 2013

My triptych “Day Twenty” has not been named amongst the finalists that will be shown at this year’s open exhibition at the RWA in Bristol.


24. October 2013

I am delighted that my triptych “Day Twenty” has been selected for the final round of judging at the ROYAL ACADEMY OF THE WEST OF ENGLAND ‘s 161 open exhibition.

Day Twenty by Claudio Ahlers_

The work (210 x 70 cm) is now being printed and framed by Niche Frames here in Bristol and will then be delivered to the Academy for the final judging day on 10. November 2013.