These photographs are from an ongoing fine art nude photography project reflecting on our thoughts and feelings as our lives continue to be dominated by Covid-19.

Death and Utopia | No 8

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How has the virus affected us in terms of our thinking about mortality – our own and that of others. And how do the many fundamental changes in our lives inspire our hopes and visions for the future – our own and that of society and mankind.

For this project I am inviting participants to my home in Greenbank, Bristol to be photographed (covid safe) in the nude in my studio. I have chosen nakedness for this project rather than clothed portraits because of its capacity to show a version of our selves free from distractions, as we are: mortal bodies, fragile and beautiful – always becoming and always changing.

I am asking each sitter to bring one item that represents mortality to them as well as one item that symbolises their aspirations for a personal or communal utopia.

Out of adversity grows hope and out of an awareness of mortality grows the desire for a life well lived.

Each object that participants bring will be suspended from the ceiling in my studio after they conclude their sitting and remain there for the next shoot with a new participant.

Over time I am creating a hanging garden of deeply meaningful personal objects that will become an artwork in and of itself and form a tapestry for profound photographic portraits of people from all walks of life that help to tell the story of our times.

If you would like to become part of this project please do get in touch with my via the CONTACTS page.